Sengenics and Diploid Sign Exclusive Agreement to Streamline Clinical Exome Sequencing in the Middle East

Brunei, September 18, 2015 – Sengenics today announced an exclusive partnership with Diploid, a Belgium-based Human Genome Interpretation service provider to enable more streamlined Clinical Exome and Genome sequencing in the Middle East and GCC countries. Key areas of collaboration include clinical exome and whole genome sequencing, cross-leveraging proprietary mutation databases and clinical interpretation by a panel of clinical geneticists.

Diploid’s CEO, Dr Peter Schols said “Sengenics has performed the highest number of genomics tests on children with developmental delay in Asia and the Middle-East to date, which has led to the development of their GalaxC™ database of Asian human disease mutations. We believe Sengenics experience coupled with Diploid’s advanced analysis and interpretation pipeline will benefit our current and future customers who mainly consist of clinicians who utilise exome sequencing for improving the accuracy of diagnosis. This integrated solution will be mutually advantageous in assisting both companies to work alongside doctors to enhance management of debilitating genetic disorders in the region.”

Sengenics and Diploid are also launching their new Exomax™ clinical exome sequencing services which offer enhanced coverage and fast turnaround options. Exomax™-Plus has a coverage that is nearly twice as high as standard exome capture methods. It includes additional exons, genes and UTRs. Whereas, Exomax-Rapid provides a shorter turnaround at just 20 working days. Both Exomax options are offered at 30-40% lower in cost than the closest accredited competitor, which allows healthcare professionals to offer diagnoses and disease management in a timely fashion to more patients that really need it.

In addition, from January 2016, Sengenics Exomax™ service will come with a free user license to GalaxC™ for referring physicians. GalaxC™ is a proprietary Allele Frequency Database with more than 6.5 million unique Asian and Middle East pathogenic mutations and variants. It is designed to provide accurate clinical genomics information to physicians dealing with patients with inherited genetic diseases. Exomax™ is the only clinical exome service that leverages the GalaxC™ allele frequency database to rule in pathogenic mutations and rule out population-based polymorphisms. This results in increased accuracy and diagnostic yield, and reduced false positives. Diploid and Sengenics will collaborate to widen the usage of the GalaxC™ database throughout the region.

Dr Stephen Moss, Head of Bioinformatics at Sengenics said “We are very much looking forward to merging our expertise, scalability and ideas with Diploid since their clinical genome interpretation service is among the best in the world. We have now worked together on over a thousand cases, of which the majority have been shown to be clinically valid. This is a powerful validation of Diploid’s informatics methodology and clinical expertise.”

About Sengenics

Sengenics is a genomics and proteomics-based research and diagnostics company, with a range of patented technologies and products that are marketed to pharmaceutical companies, scientists and hospitals. Its flagship technology is the patented Immunome™ auto-antibody profiling platform which was spun out from research that was commercialised as a joint collaboration between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in 1996. It also has additional patented and proprietary products for Human diseases that use the ThalaSURE™ and Genoverse™ brand names. To date Sengenics has carried out the highest number of clinical genomics tests on children with developmental delay in Asia. This has been commercialised into GalaxC™, which is the largest commercial database of human disease mutations in Asia. GalaxC™ can be accessed free of charge by existing customers.

About Diploid

Diploid provides clinical exome and whole genome interpretation services and is based in Leuven, Belgium. Diploid is one of the few companies selected by Genomics England to provide interpretation of the 100,000 genomes that will be sequenced for the UK 100,000 genomes project. The company offers its human genome interpretation service to hospitals, commercial labs and private research labs in Europe, Asia and the USA.


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