Differ: a free and friendly VCF viewer for OS X

LEUVEN, Belgium — February 4, 2015 — Today, Diploid announces Differ, a free application for OS X that allows geneticist to view, search, split or merge VCF files in a user friendly way.

“VCF has become the de facto standard for storing and exchanging variant data” says Dr. Peter Schols, Diploid's CEO. Nevertheless, few good tools exist to view, search, split or merge VCF files. Geneticists either rely on text editors, which are hardly designed for the job and are often too slow to handle gigabyte VCF files, or use command line tools, which are faster but cumbersome and hard to use.

With Differ, Diploid wants to offer the best of both worlds. The application has a friendly user interface that allows geneticist to directly inspect variants, using an inspector pane. Instead of 0/1, the genotype is directly displayed, making quick inspection much easier. In addition, Differ is faster than grep or other command line tools. It uses all available processor cores on the Mac to offer the fastest VCF searching on the planet. Moreover, Differ also allows for easy VCF splitting and merging. If the VCF file has been annotated with SnpEff, Differ automatically displays these annotations.

Differ's first beta version is available as a free download from the Diploid website. The software requires OS X Yosemite. Diploid encourages beta users to send feedback in order to improve the application.

Website: http://www.diploid.com/differ

Press Contact
Dr. Peter Schols
+1 855-855-6501 (US toll free number)


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