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Diploid wants to revolutionize healthcare by bringing genome diagnostics into daily clinical practice. With a focus on rare diseases, we analyze human genomes and communicate results that are actionable for healthcare professionals and patients. To achieve this goal we bring together expertise in human genetics, software development, and design.

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Who are we?


Peter Schols, CEO


Catheleyne D'hondt, CFO


Cyrielle Kint, CSO

Our story

Our story starts when Peter, our CEO, is introduced to the world of DNA and genetics by his father, a chemistry teacher. Fascinated by life sciences in general and genetics in particular, Peter decides to study biology at the university of Leuven.

He didn't know that his father would pass away only 12 years later, at age 56, suffering from a muscular dystrophy that manifested late in his life and gradually got worse and worse. Genome or even exome sequencing was not an option at that time, making single gene sequencing the only hope for a diagnosis. Unfortunately for Peter and his family, geneticists were never able to pinpoint the causal mutation underlying his father's disease.

On a mission to tackle rare diseases via preventive screening and diagnosing them at an early stage, Peter decides to combine his passions for genetics and software development. Diploid is born. Diploid is a team of talented geneticists, engineers, bioinformaticians, and designers.

Together, we are working hard to offer the best genome interpretation software in the world.

With high-quality software, fast analysis times, secure infrastructure, and a personal approach, Diploid is rapidly becoming a trusted partner for genetic departments and commercial labs worldwide.

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